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NEBsolutions: OEM and Customized Solutions

Partner with the NEBsolutions team, and together, we will redefine the traditional relationship.

When you collaborate with the NEBsolutions team at New England Biolabs, you are getting much more than a high quality product in a tube. Over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of reagents and a uniquely collaborative work ethic, are all part of doing business with NEB. Our team of researchers shares your commitment to the advancement of science and brings experience in fields as diverse as protein engineering, gene expression, next generation sequencing, RNA biology and epigenetics. In addition, our ISO 13485-certified production facilities and our dedicated team of production scientists, each with extensive product development experience, will ensure that your product performs optimally.

NEB's company size is also a major asset. We are small enough to be agile, responding quickly to your needs, but large enough to expand manufacturing scale rapidly. Through NEBsolutions, our OEM and custom products team, you gain access to NEB’s array of resources, including the scientific know-how to optimize your product and the business savvy to best position it. By tapping into our knowledge base, we can help you realize the true and unique potential of your products.

Choose NEBsolutions and experience:


With over 40 years of experience in enzyme technologies, we have a thorough understanding of the latest tools and advances in the field.


Our dedicated team of scientists and business professionals is available to quickly and comprehensively address your needs as they arise.


We can accommodate your changing and customized product needs, including specifications, scale-up, kitting and other supply chain requirements.


With a proven track record of unsurpassed product quality and consistency, we are certified to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Contact The NEBsolutions Team 

NEBsolutions offers support at all stages of your product's development.


Over 40 years of experience at your fingertips.

NEBsolutions, a dedicated team within NEB, provides the highest level of support to meet the specific needs of our OEM and customized product customers. Drawing on extensive scientific experience and field-tested business acumen, the NEBsolutions team excels at meeting aggressive timelines and offers rapid lead-times. This includes leveraging the capabilities of the entire company to help customers achieve their goals. The NEBsolutions team will work to optimize reagent formulation, function and manufacturing process, resulting in an optimized product while minimizing cost.

When working with NEBsolutions, leverage the knowledge base of NEB's:

  • Over 110 Ph.D.s, half with 10+ years of tenure at NEB
  • Over twenty years of OEM supply and support experience
  • Nearly forty years as a leader in the life science reagent business

Contact The NEBsolutions Team

The NEBsolutions team stands ready to meet your needs with a shared sense of urgency. Your project is our project, and your success is our goal. We strive to build a uniquely collaborative relationship that grants you immediate access to our breadth of scientific resources. Additionally, our experience and organizational structure allow us to make decisions quickly, apply resources and deliver solutions when you need them.

With NEBsolutions you can expect:

  • Rapid price quotes, often within two business days
  • Order acknowledgement within one business day
  • Quick turnaround of custom products, often less than two weeks
  • Access to our in-house scale-up capabilities, including fermentation and downstream processing
  • Access to QC data, certificates of analysis, specialized packaging options, varying product formulations and the expertise to use this information to the fullest
  • ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities

Being ready, and having the experience, to quickly meet our customers’ requirements are hallmarks of the NEBsolutions team. This includes custom product formulations, quality controls, varying volumes, vials and bottles, private labeling and kitting. Our Fermentation Facility and Scale-Up and Development Suite ensure that volume requirements can be met without delay.

Your product lifecycle will benefit from the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Optimized product yield, which begins in our small-scale, high density fermentation labs, can be rapidly brought to full-scale in our Scale-Up and Development Suite.
  • Large-scale enzyme preparations via our Fermentations Facility, which houses 100, 300, and 500 L fermenters, ensure that volume requirements are easily met.
  • Over 65 ÄKTA™ HPLC machines, the largest connected network of ÄKTAs in the USA, are available for process development.
  • Large-scale buffer manufacturing and custom vialing.
  • Our automated packaging facility can easily fill tens of thousands of vials per day.
  • Customized delivery schedules, inventory management and adjustments are all available to you.

ÄKTA™ is a trademark of GE Healthcare.


NEB’s products are designed and manufactured in our ISO 13485:2003- and ISO 9001:2008-certified facility in Ipswich, MA., USA. In addition, the Quality Control group is constantly improving the stringency and range of NEB’s quality controls, ensuring that our product quality is “best-in-class”. As our partner, this means that you can rely on our unsurpassed product purity and lot-to-lot consistency to ensure that your product will perform to expectations, every time.

Among the extensive range of services, the NEBsolutions team will work directly with you to:

  • Validate your critical raw materials
  • Develop customer-defined product specifications, complete QA and QC assays, and certificates of analysis
  • Reserve product lots specifically for your use
  • Barcode products (1-D and 2-D) to meet workflow requirements
  • Meet your molecular diagnostics manufacturing requirements as an ISO 13485:2003 accredited facility
  • Support your regulatory compliance needs